A REST client you'll love This tool lets you organize, test and debug APIs. With a simple interface, it handles a set of known tools for this type of apps likes collections and folders for organization. It also supports GraphQL, import from curl, a plugin system and much more.


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Manage and organize APIs requests

Editor notes

Insomnia is one of the best new REST clients you will find. This piece of software has a lot of PROs starting with that is open source, so there is a community behind (as of today, it has more than 10k stars on GitHub).

This client offers a clean interface with less but powerful tools than their competitors. If the built-in features do not work for you, you can extend it via plugins.

It is built on top of Electron, in other words, it is available in most of the platforms (Linux, Mac OS, Windows).

With continuous updates, Insomnia supports some of the newer technologies like GraphQL or the latest authorizations methods. It offers unique features like code snippet generation, which will export most of your requests into snippets like cURL. And, you can see most of the content not just in JSON, but also HTML pages, images, SVG and much more.

Insomnia is a new player that definitely is worth trying.

Frequently asked questions

What is the license of Insomnia?

Insomnia has the MIT license for its free version, and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

Who is behind Insomnia?

Gregory Schier is a Canadian developer who created this software. He is currently the primary maintainer of the software with some other contributors in GitHub.

What platforms does Insomnia support?

It supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Insomnia is only available in 64-bit versions.


Open Source - MIT
Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chrome
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