The API tool for Mac Paw is a paid native tool for Mac. It offers a complete set of HTTP tools in to test and improve the development of APIs. It allows describing APIs parameters by typing, descriptions, and constraints.


screenshoot of paw desktop app
Screenshoot of Paw desktop app

Editor notes

Paw is a REST client that allows you to test your API calls. This client is a premium full-featured tool available only on Mac OS.

Unlike other competitors like Postman and Insomnia, Paw is Mac OS native code which leaves a look-and-feel that blends with the system.

Top features include:

  • The HTTP client which allows making all kind of HTTP requests.
  • API description that enables the description and typing of each parameter and is fully compliant with Swagger, RAML, and API Blueprint description files.
  • Works well with teams, you can share all your APIs descriptions, sync your projects, and create snapshots so you can rollback if something does not work well for you.
  • Paw also allows you to create branches, so you can modify your API as you like without compromising your team's work. Paw does not offer a free version, although it provides a 30-day trial. You can then purchase the full version for $49.99. The software also provides a 30% student discount.

It seems like a stable app. Something I did notice is that the client does not frequently update, unlike their competition, which updates most of the time at least once a month.

Frequently asked questions

Does Paw offer a student discount?

Paw offers a 30% discount for students. They ask for a proof of enrollment like a student ID or a certificate.

Does Paw support GraphQL?

No, the latest version 3.1.8 does not offer this feature.

What platforms does Paw support?

It currently only supports Mac OS 10.12.2+.

How much does Paw cost?

The full version costs $49.99. Paw also offers a 30-day trial version. Additionally, it provides a 30% discount for students.


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Mac OS
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