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Download Minecraft

How to download Minecraft

In 2019 alone, Minecraft has rolled out several version updates for two editions of the game. They are the Minecraft Java, and then the Minecraft Bedrock.

While it seems like the Bedrock edition has had a lot more version updates in the current year, the Minecraft Java edition only had the versions 1.14 (village and pillage).

Interestingly though, there is also still a version 1.15 of the Java edition- under construction. This latest version is slated to be released, sometime around September 2019.

Now, to download the Minecraft game and recent updates, you can find them on either of the applications official stores and Amazon Store.

Several Minecraft game users all over the world, are excited about Minecraft gaming solutions. Consequently, we may expect the game to remain in trend- at least for a few years to come.

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Updated September 16, 2019