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How much is Spotify Premium?

Spotify offer plans for students, families and for one person.

If you are a student you will find a great discount that will save you money every month.

On the other hand, a family plan could be better if you are paying for different premium plans.

Read each plan detailed and choose your favorite.

Premium for Students

$ 4.99 /month
Save 50% for Premium subscription

Listen songs offline and without ads.

Create your own playlists.

Choose playlists and original podcasts.

Discover trending music.

Download unlimited songs

Includes Hulu ad-supported and Showtime account.

Premium for Family

$ 14.99 /month
Members should register the same address

6 Premium accounts

Parental Control

Access to "Family Mix"

Download unlimited Music

Access to playlists and original podcasts.

Change the track as many times as you want


$ 9.99 /month

One Premium account

Listen without ad interruptions

Download and listen offline

Access to trending playlists and podcasts

Connect and listen on another devices

Skip tracks as many times as you want

Updated September 16, 2019