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If you’ve decided to take on the Minecraft game, then you would be getting involved in either of five ways. These different possible ways to play the Minecraft game, is what is commonly referred to as the game modes. The following are the Minecraft game modes, with no particular order of importance: - Survival Mode: Players have to collect (mine out) the materials that they would be needing. So, if for instance, you would be needing straws, water, and lava, then you have to find and gather them- as they’re not readily provided. - Creative Mode: Provides users with building materials that they need. In this mode, players don’t need to feed, and are also less susceptible to harm. - Adventure mode: The adventure maps in this mode, must be protected, hence the reason why players are not allowed to destroy any blocks. This map is consequently one of the main distinguishing characteristics of this mode. - Hardcore Mode: can rather be referred to as the tough version of the survival mode. So when you play in this mode, expect that the conditions are harsher or stricter. - Spectator Mode: When you’re in the spectator mode, you cannot build or mine building materials.


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