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$1 Feedback

This site has a simple, yet amazing goal: to receive feedback about your product from one or up to 40 people.

These reviews can also be private or public, with text or a video, and we can choose the level of critique.

A public review will be posted on the author's channel and also on the site. It is a great tool to gain a little traction. A private review might give us a better understanding of the product, and how other people react. Several users might need to review your product in order to get the most of private reviews since you want a more critical view from several points of view.

One cool thing about this site is that we can choose the roasting level: Mild and constructive, Harsh and constructive and Dark Roast.

Pricing starts at $1 and goes up to $100 for 40 people to review your site with a text. You might also get a short video for $5 and a long one for $10.

An interesting idea that is worth checking if you want early feedback for your product. But remember that the real feedback is from your everyday users.

Does it support mobile apps?

It currently supports only Android app reviews.

Does the reviewer install the app?

Yes. According to a discussion in ProductHunt, the reviewer installs the app. The reviewer might also use it on a desktop in order to record the usage of the app.

What types of reviews does $1 feedback offer?

It currently offers $5 feedback for text, $15 per review video and $30 to test all features in a video. All of these reviews are made by one person. 50 people will text review your product for $100. You can finally choose the 100 people text review for $200.