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Candy Crush

In the candy crush games, the players need to swap the candy pieces vertically or horizontally. After matching the pieces, the candy disappears, hence making the pieces that surround the candy to roll into the empty spaces.

During this process, you'll hear a chain reaction, which nets the players' bonuses, and this occurs by increasing their power-ups and scores. 

Other than this, the candy crush game tosses in obstacles for the participants such as covering the candy in jelly, which they need to eliminate before matching the candy.

This game features 100 levels of gameplay, whereby there are five unique game modes, which mix up the levels' goals and maps, hence creating a fresh challenge from time-to-time. 

Candy crush is an easy-to-learn game but requires more from the players to get to the master level. The game makes it possible for the players to take on the saga alone or connect with users on Facebook, where they can compete with others to test their skills by determining on the one who'll dominate the leaderboard. 

Candy crush is a great game, and it's mostly played by the kids, even the ones who're five years old. However, most of them always get a challenge when it comes to passing some of the advanced levels. 

Is Candy Crush a good game for brain training?

Yes. Candy Crush works as a brain training app, which means that it plays an essential role in improving mental health. 

Is Candy Crush a good option for kids?

Yes. Candy crush is an easy-to-learn game, which means that kids can play this game. However, the games become a challenge when it comes to passing the advanced levels. 

Can Candy Crush get to end?

No. Candy crush can't get completed since the King keeps releasing new levels from time-to-time.