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Crackle features original programming, TV shows, and movies that keep rotating from one month to another.

It has a great selection of TV channels and movies that everyone will wish to watch.

Other than this, Crackle has a feature known as, 'Always On,' which makes it possible for the user to search for television shows while they're watching another movie or television show.

Also, Crackle features several channels which occur in the form of watch lists. Through these lists, the shows get organized in the way of categories such as Award-Winning Documentaries, Marvel's Runaways, and many more.

For the case of the library, Crackle features a small, but a high-quality library. This library comprises several outstanding television series, original series, and standard movie classics.

However, Crackle allows only ad-free viewing. This feature means that the streaming television service offers utterly free streaming of original series, movies, and television episodes, but with ads and comments.

Also, with this free service, users cannot expect to watch every television episode from every original series.

Therefore, with Crackle, it's difficult to see all the series in order and with any frequency.

Which devices are supported by Crackle?

You can view Crackle TV in your Safari browser, Internet Explorer, Chrome and several other devices.

Is it possible to create a list of the favorite TV Shows and Movies?

Yes. You only need to sign in and add the shows to your list.

Can I share my best titles with colleagues?

You only need to sign in and share your titles on various social media profiles.