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HBO Now features several movies and a variety of HBO shows such as Veep, Oz, The Wire, and many more. It makes it possible for the subscribers to watch Silicon Valley, Westworld, and Game of Thrones.

HBO Now is the most preferred streaming TV service because of many original series, movies and tv series of high quality, and presence of a variety of devices.

It's available on various devices such as Roku, Android TV, iPad, iPhone, Fire Stick, Android phones, Android tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, Chromecast, and web-browser.

Now the HBO Now subscribers can enjoy over 125 series. HBO Now features unique television series which you cannot get on other tv streaming service.

Therefore, HBO Now is the best option for anyone looking for the HBO content. Other than this, HBO Now allows the users to access all of HBO from any place without the need of a TV provider contract.

However, HBO Now features several issues, especially at peak times. Other bad things associated with this tv streaming service include smaller library selection and higher price. However, HBO Now provides high-quality tv-series and movies compared to other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Cost Of HBO Now?

Currently, the cost of HBO Now stands at $14.99.

Is It Possible To Use HBO New Subscription On Several Devices?

Yes. You can watch HBO Now on several devices simultaneously.

How Can One Sign Up For HBO Now?

To sign up, you need to install the app. You can also purchase a subscription via Verizon or Optimum or add this channel to a Rock device.