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From over the last ten years, Minecraft has unarguably been one of the most popular games on the video gaming market. It would be right to refer to it as one of the gaming models with some enormous worldwide recognition.

The concept and methods of the game are top-notch, and these are reasonably the factors that have helped it win the heart of video gamers.


To continually have that relevance- and not fall short of the expectations, Minecraft has consistently and superbly undergone several version modifications, since its creation in 2009. All of the various versions are made to come with specific features and functions, that makes them better than a previous one. When it comes to the basic ideas and gaming objectives; however, nothing much seems to have changed.

What exactly is the Minecraft game?

The Minecraft game allows users to unleash their creativities in building structures- using 3D objects of various forms and shapes.

Since the game is a sandbox game, the majority of elements used on gaming sessions is up to you.

Thus, this implies that the so-called blocks used to refer to the building materials used in the game are not necessarily the regular cubic blocks alone. You'll see that Minecraft blocks can take the form of almost anything- from water to sand, stones, lava, trees and their trunks, etcetera. The player then has to decide which of these, is needed for whatever they're building.


Note that when playing Minecraft, you wouldn't be required to complete any laid out tasks or level targets. The goal is to creating anything at all and test your creativity

The Minecraft game modes

If you've decided to take on the Minecraft game, then you would be getting involved in either of five ways. Game modes are different ways to play the Minecraft game.

The following are the Minecraft game modes, with no particular order of importance:

1. The Minecraft survival mode:

In all of the Minecraft game modes, players are required to build- as a condition for survival. What distinguishes the 'survival mode' of the Minecraft game, however, is that players have to collect (mine out) the materials that they would be needing.

So, if for instance, you would need straws, water, and lava, then you have to find and gather them- as they're not readily provided.

Doing this means having to overcome hindrances and obstacles, and basically, find ways of keeping alive. Hence, in the Minecraft survival mode, you'll also have to source for food, remove enemy attacks (mobs), etcetera.

2. The Minecraft creative mode

The 'creative mode' on another hand, readily provides users with every building materials (blocks) that they need. In this mode, players don't need to feed and are also less susceptible to harm. If you're playing in this mode, you would also be provided with other materials that are not available to the survival mode player.

Unlike in the different game modes, players here can fly and cross over obstacles or structures.

If you're playing in this mode, the only thing you probably have to worry about is the void. It is the only way incorporated in the game, by which the player can die.

3. The Minecraft adventure mode:

In adventure game mode, everything is pretty much similar to what you have in the survival game mode.

However, the adventure mode of the Minecraft game is designed to be played using the adventure maps. The adventure maps in this mode must be protected, hence the reason why players are not allowed to destroy any blocks.

This map is consequently one of the principal distinguishing characteristics.

4.The Minecraft hardcore mode

The Hardcore mode is the complicated version of the survival mode. So when you play in this mode, the conditions are harsher or stricter than what is obtainable in the survival. Due to its basic similarities with the survival mode, the hardcore mode is sometimes not even referred to as a standalone mode.

5.The Minecraft spectator mode:

In the spectator mode, the player is almost inactive and is instead considered an observer. When you're in the spectator mode, you cannot build or undermine building materials. Usually, dead players have the option of entering the spectator mode. Otherwise, they wouldn't remain on the server.

Minecraft mods

When playing Minecraft, you'll likely hear or come across mods.

To further enhance user satisfaction and pleasant gaming experiences, Minecraft allows the use of special software modifications.

Mods can be created and added to the main Minecraft - by the users themselves.

Now, you can make a Minecraft mod yourself or readily find several hundreds of Minecraft mods out there online.

Updated September 16, 2019