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Paw is a REST client that allows you to test your API calls. This client is a premium full-featured tool available only on Mac OS.

Unlike other competitors like Postman and Insomnia, Paw is Mac OS native code which leaves a look-and-feel that blends with the system.

Top features include:

  • The HTTP client which allows making all kind of HTTP requests.
  • API description that enables the description and typing of each parameter and is fully compliant with Swagger, RAML, and API Blueprint description files.
  • Works well with teams, you can share all your APIs descriptions, sync your projects, and create snapshots so you can rollback if something does not work well for you.
  • Paw also allows you to create branches, so you can modify your API as you like without compromising your team's work.

Paw does not offer a free version, although it provides a 30-day trial. You can then purchase the full version for $49.99. The software also provides a 30% student discount.

It seems like a stable app. Something I did notice is that the client does not frequently update, unlike their competition, which updates most of the time at least once a month.

Does Paw offer a student discount?

Paw offers a 30% discount for students. They ask for a proof of enrollment like a student ID or a certificate.

Does Paw support GraphQL?

No, the latest version 3.1.8 does not offer this feature.

What platforms does Paw support?

It currently only supports Mac OS 10.12.2+.

How much does Paw cost?

The full version costs $49.99. Paw also offers a 30-day trial version. Additionally, it provides a 30% discount for students.