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Probably the most popular REST client, Postman is a powerful tool for testing APIs. It is used currently by more than 7 million developers and 300,00 companies.

Postman allows organizing API calls into collections and shares those collections with your team (up to 25 members on the free version). It offers even more power with mocking API server calls, version control, and tagging. You can also connect your Google Account to save all your API calls on the cloud and sync with other devices.

Since version 7.2, Postman supports GraphQL natively and comes with handy features like query autocompletion.

Whether you are just testing your API calls, playing around some public API, or developing a full-featured and documented API with your team, Postman is a great choice.

Postman is available in the most popular desktop OS with 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It also supports the installation inside Chrome as an extension.

How much does Postman cost?

Postman starts with a free plan that allows up to 1,000 calls and 25 members on a team. Postman Pro costs $8 and allows up to 10,000 calls and 50 members. Postman Enterprise is $18 and allows 100,00 calls and unlimited members. You can also purchase a pack of 50,000 calls for $20.

Which platforms does Postman currently support?

As of 2019, Postman supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is also available in Google Chrome as an extension.

Does Postman support GraphQL?

Yes, since version 7.2 it supports GraphQL as well as query completion.