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Snibits is a platform for finding and rating products of all kind.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate information and the most trusted ratings around the Web.

We empower our users to rate all products they have tried and share their experience. We currently only accept Google sign in since Google provides a layer of protection against spam and bots.

We also provide the FAQ section to resolve questions that we consider are the most relevant and popular.

Through check-ins we give the user the option to rate the product and leave a comment. This check-ins allow us to give an accurate rating for each product.

We invite you to register and share your thoughts about all the product you've tried. I hope you enjoy Snibits!

Frequently asked questions

Is Snibits free to use?

Yes. Snibits is a free community. You can search and get all the information for free.

Does Snibits receive any sort of incentives to rank products?

No. Our rankings are based on the community. All ratings are based on an algorithm based on user check-ins.

Although the algorithm may change, and ratings may vary, we do not make any preference for any product.

Is this an affiliate site?

No. Our current business model is ad-based.