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Spotify is a music streaming app. With Spotify, users can listen to millions of songs and podcasts, on their mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and other devices. After creating an account, you have access to your favorite songs and other cool features that make the listening experience fantastic.


In 2016, a team at Spotify AB developed Spotify to bring streaming music and discourage the act of illegal downloading, thus making money for artists and music distribution companies.

Spotify was launched in 2018, and since then it has exploded into a formidable streaming platform with over 231 million active users monthly and 108 million subscribers, paying to listen to music.

Features of Spotify

  • Instant music anytime

With Spotify, you can begin listening to music as soon as you create your account. You can search for music using artist names, albums names, music genres, playlists, and even record labels. With Spotify, you don't need to worry about space on your device. There is even offline play for premium subscribers. It means you can stream music without an internet connection.

  • Playlists

The playlist is the heart of the Spotify app. You can create playlists based on genre, era, artist, or any other parameter that you want. There are options to share your playlist with other users. You can even convert albums to playlists. You can create a playlist by only clicking on the create playlist tab. You can create a collaborative playlist with your friends and even subscribe to other users' playlists.

  • Discovery

Spotify serves as a friend who always finds out cool new songs and introduces them to the group. Spotify has an array of tools that aid its users to discover new music. On this way, Spotify provides recommendations based on a user's preferences and the preferences of other users who share similarities.

Discover Weekly, is a feature on Spotify that brings bespoke music recommendations to its users. It is refreshed every Monday with new suggestions.

There are many other generated playlists on Spotify that focus on different types of music to ensure that the different tastes of subscribers are catered to.

With Spotify, you can follow other users, share music, and listen to the radio. You can also share your opinions about songs with likes and comments.

Spotify also has an extensive collection of Spotify related apps that help improve the music experience with other features. Spotify serves as a music player; you can upload your local files and listen to them through the Spotify app.

Spotify Free VS Premium

  • Spotify offers its essential services to free subscribers and offers more features and flexibility to premium subscribers.
  • Free subscribers do not have offline listening while premium subscribers do.
  • Premium subscription has no ads while free subscriptions have ads.
  • The sound quality of free subscribers is about 160kbits/s while that of premium subscribers is up to 320kbits/s.
  • Premium subscribers experience more listening and playing flexibility than free subscribers.
Updated September 16, 2019