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The best part of the internet was and will always remain the fact that it has made to keep in touch with friends easier.

Communication moved up a gazillion notches higher when social media came to be. You no longer had to say a lot of things at the same time; you could send them in a message and get an instant reply.

With social media came one of the most effective messaging platforms ever exist: WhatsApp.


What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a platform that allows instant messaging, voice, and video calls. Its multifunction option is what makes it a top choice for users, that and the fact that location does not limit it.

Reach almost anywhere and anyone in the world via WhatsApp. It also allows for the transmission of media files, not limited to just pictures, videos, and audio but documents and applications as well.

Top Features

Apart from the swift messaging, the voice and video calls, WhatsApp has other amazing features like the voice messaging which allows you to record a message you want to send across to someone and send it, just like voice mail.

  • It also comes with a status update, where you can make updates about things you would like to share either words, pictures, or videos.

  • You can also share documents and app installation files with your friends. You no longer have to talk about a good song or a good book without being able to provide it. Now, you can send it through WhatsApp, and your friend would get it. Easy peasy!

  • It has end-to-end encryption between both chap parties, so unless one of you expose your conversation to a third party, your messages are secured and encrypted by WhatsApp. The best part about this encryption is that even WhatsApp does not have access to these chats exchanged between you and your buddy.

  • The juiciest feature is the 'WhatsApp anywhere' feature. You could be working on your system and want to send a message on WhatsApp, but there is a feature that allows you sync your phone with your computer, so you can easily chat there as well. No communication lost.

Updates on WhatsApp:

To make your Whatsapp experience as seamless and beautiful as possible, WhatsApp is always updating the app to make sure it is providing a better chatting experience for you.

Just like when the slide to reply message instead of going to the top of the screen to activate the reply came, there are new updates that they intend to rill out that will blow your mind.

One of which is the WhatsApp night-mode. Just like facebook messenger, you can switch your WhatsApp to the dark mode and enjoy the beautiful colors that shine brighter in the dark.

Another one is the QR code, instead of having to take a person's number to add them on WhatsApp, you only have to scan their codes. Awesome! And soon, there will be an option to share your status update to other applications as well.

WhatsApp seeks to give you perfection.

Updated September 16, 2019