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Follow these steps to install Zoom on your PC: 1. Go to https://zoom.us/download and click "Zoom Client for Meetings". 2. Click on "Save" and wait for the download. 3. Open the installer. 4. Press Login to register for an account.
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Zoom is a video call app for workgroups, available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. 👩‍💻 Join unlimited individual meetings. 💾 Record and save meetings. ✍️ Share screen and take notes. 🔒Create public or private groups. 👥 Use virtual funds.
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Zoom's team added updates to improve security and user experience. When there are updates you will receive a pop-up notification, just open it to start the update. Another way is to update manually by entering "Profile" and click "Check Updates", the update will take some minutes.
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1. Use your work e-mail to register 2. Avoid fake Zoom apk's 3. Don't share conference links on social media 4. Protect your meetings with a password 5. Enable Waiting Room. 6. Check screen-sharing features
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Create your Zoom account in no time: 1. Go to Registration (link at the bottom) and fill in your date of birth. 2. Enter your email and click Register. 3. Look in your email for the activation message. 4. Press Activate Account, the Zoom website will open. 5. Fill in your Name, Surname and create a password.
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Canceling your Zoom account is easy and will only take a few minutes 1. Open the Zoom website. 2. Click on "My Account". 3. On the left panel, click on Admin>Account Management>Account Profile>Terminate my account. 4. A pop-up wiil open,Click the "Yes" button to complete the process

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